Fairfield Health Fair

I have to say, other than our annual All Star Bowl, the Fairfield Rock Party Healthfest was the most productive event we've had with SKNLUV. After 3-4 hours, I was completely depleted of sunscreen, information hand-outs, and medical forms for free skin exams. The Healthfest started at 9am, I had people waiting at our tent to sign-up for free skin exams at 8:45am. People came to this event specifically for the skin exams, so SKNLUV was very popular to say the least. Several nursing students from the Fairfield Medical Center nursing program were able to help us with crowd control and signing people in. After 3 hours, Julie Fetch PA, from the Ohio Skin Cancer Institute had performed 35 skin exams. Our line was usually 10-15 people long, so the live music helped keep people entertained. We definately have a need in the Fairfield community, I look forward to going back soon.