Get up, wash what little sleep I may have gotten off, and get ready to turn it on again. It's not always there to turn on but I don't have a choice, to many people are waiting for me to bring a message. The message never changes, and I do my best to deliver it every time with the same vigor and passion. Today however, will be a forced smile and an attempt to find energy that I know I don't have. Mornings like this are the worst, but I know as I walk out of that firehouse today that SKNLUV has made a difference. This movement isn't about one man's fight with cancer, the movement is an attempt to change a 100 year old culture. Change is something none of us enjoy, but change is what most of us need. Sometimes, even when we deem the change a bad thing, we just need to look hard enough to find the good in it. I am sure no one would have ever quoted me saying anything good about cancer, but it's been almost 3 years now and I can make list after list of all the good that has come from my disease, my fight, and my struggles. Beyond the fear is freedom, and at the end of the day that is what we all want......freedom to live.