We are so blessed to be working with the Ohio Skin Cancer Institute (OSCI) and give back to those that serve us. Mark met with Dr. Ravitskiy a couple months ago to discuss his training with firefighters in Central Ohio. Dr. Ravitskiy was taken back by the statistics, she wanted to learn more and help in some way. That's when the OSCI started a year round program focused on giving back to those that serve us. All police, firefighters, military personnel and their spouses are offered FREE skin exams year round at OSCI. I can't say enough about the support Dr. Ravitskiy and her staff at OSCI have shown Mark and SKNLUV. Mark's story is powerful enough, but when you hear the cancer risks that all firefighters go thru on a daily basis, then it makes you want to get involved. Thank you OSCI! www.osci.com