A little over a year ago, my brother Mark was telling me about this guy he met, Cory Gregory. Mark said, “Kevin, this guy wears funky hats and dresses however he wants, he’s always himself - never fake, just a positive guy to be around.” Mark and Cory watched their kids play baseball together, but never knew it would turn into a friendship to help others.

That is how our annual All Star Bowl got started. Cory had a vision of former OSU football players playing flag football with amateur athletes like Mark and I. It just happened that sKeven Foundation was the benefit of such an honor.

You see him all over social media. He encourages you to WAKE YOUR ASS UP every morning. I am here to tell you, what you see is what you get with Cory Gregory. He is raw and real. Nothing fake about that guy. I believe his true gift on earth is to make people better, and that is why you see and hear from him all the time.

sKeven, SKNLUV, and Musclepharm would not be where they are without the hard work, vision, drive, and thoughtfulness of Cory Gregory.

Thank you, Cory.