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If there was one picture to sum up the entire Fight Melanoma with Football event it would be the one of Mark and I hugging at mid field. Jess (my wife) and I were so passionate about helping raise awareness for melanoma and supporting Mark along his journey, we took huge steps in our lives to move forward with this foundation. Having a picture of Mark and I hugging sums up what we have at the sKeven We raised close to $35,000 for The James Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center where Mark is being treated. These funds will go directly towards finding a cure for melanoma. Our event also had 2 dermatologist giving free skin exams, they kept really busy and somewhere around 100 individuals took advantage of the free skin exams. There is no cure for melanoma, early detection is vital, so we always like to offer that experience to people. Our team at the sKeven Foundation learned so much from this first event and next years event will raise thousands more.