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I’ll be honest, I believe this is the first time in my life I’ve gone this far through a summer without getting a sunburn. Yes, that’s hard to believe, but before Mark was diagnosed with melanoma I never protected myself from the sun. I was the person that would get a sunburn early in the spring and continue to get darker as the summer progressed. My goal is to reach someone that has the same yearly routine and tell them that it’s not worth it. Self-educating is the key to preventing skin cancer. I’m a firm believer in eating right and exercising and studies have shown that those 2 actions alone help prevent cancer.

I used to mow my yard with no shirt, hat, or sunglasses. Now I mow with a long sleeve shirt and hat, I’ll have to remember the sunglasses when I mow today. I’ve even adjusted the hours that I mow. I used to start mowing in the heat of the day, now I wait till the evening when the sun is going down, it doesn’t happen every time, but I try my best.

My family gets a yearly membership at the local swimming pool. In previous years I would go without sunscreen and stay out of the shade. Now I lather on the sunscreen before we head to the pool and I look for shade. What a difference it makes and I feel better. I probably need to invest in some good sun protective clothing for the pool or beach days. Coolibar has a great line of sun protective clothes. I like to get my vitamin D from the sun, but like anything, an overdose is never good.

Unfortunately, I feel that for most people the change in behavior will only come with an extreme event, for me it was Mark being diagnosed with melanoma. I wish there was someone that would’ve been able to make it real for me and my brother when we were younger. At the very least, try and talk us into going to the dermatologist a regular skin exam. God has given me the opportunity to help others in this way and that’s our goal at sKeven.