I received an email late Monday night in regards to attending an event. The event was the Spielman Gridiron Classic Kickoff Dinner. If you’re local to Ohio, most all of you know about Chris Spielman, one of the greatest linebackers to play football at The Ohio State University. His late wife Stefanie, died of breast cancer in 2009 and Chris has been on a mission to find a cure for breast cancer ever since her diagnosis. The Spielman Gridiron Classic raises funds for breast cancer research and local high schools that participate in the Gridiron Classic games.

William White of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) spoke about the needs of a positive influence for students in school. FCA prepares students for life and the challenges it may bring. They believe school isn’t just about learning numbers and letters, but more about preparing young ones to be productive citizens and great leaders in life. I look forward to making sure FCA is implemented into our local schools.

I went to the dinner thinking I had no chance to meet Chris Spielman, maybe some other football players or celebrities, but not Chris. I was wrong, Chris came to our table, introduced himself, and thanked us for coming. I was able to tell him about our Fight Melanoma with Football event coming in July. He asked several questions and was genuinely interested in what sKeven was doing. I’ve always heard about what a great family guy he is, but his passion for helping others is felt by all.

The Stefanie Spielman Fund donates 100% of all proceeds to cancer research. I encourage you to support a great cause and help make an impact in the world.