Last week we were invited to an event at the James Biomedical Research Tower in Columbus, OH.  We took a tour of 5 laboratories and spoke with the researchers about what they do with melanoma cells.  They were very passionate about their work and explained more that we could even comprehend.  I found the Fluorescent Microscopy lab very interesting.  We learned how fluorescent proteins from jellyfish help researchers follow proteins in a cell.  That was as simple as I can put it.  Our visit to the James gave us a good sense of where our money is going and how we can really make a difference by raising funds for this research.  I was surprised by the lack of funding in the melanoma laboratory; they have 1 Image Flow Cytometry machine for the entire lab and it's not even the latest version. They also need funding to increase the head count for Researchers, this would accelerate the time it takes to find a cure.  My goal is to raise millions of dollars for skin cancer research and provide a cure for those diagnosed with this disease.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein