Let me set the scene.  There is this guy I know.  This dude has a real “zest” for life.  He always looks for the good in people.  His glass is always half full.  He always has a smile on his face.  He is always positive and encouraging.  And he always listens.  We have had some very deep and meaningful conversations about everything under the sun.   On more than one occasion I believe we have solved the world’s problems! (J/K) but man have we really laid things out there with each other.   We talk about work problems, home life, religion, sports, raising kids, being better fathers, friends, spouses, ..every joy and pitfall…(you get the idea) there are no secret’s and best of all there are no repercussions from either one of us for being honest with one another.  “Iron sharpens iron” and we hold each other accountable.  It’s pretty awesome!

So anyway…one day I see this guy and he is not his usual “perky” self.  I ask him what’s up and he begins to let things out.  He informs me that he feels he needs a change in his life….a big change.  He proceeds to tell me how he has this vision but does not know how to make it happen for himself.  He has a lot of “hidden variables” that come into play which affect his decision process.  He is scared but excited as he is telling me what he wants to do.  We talk a little and I give him some “nickel” because I didn’t have the answers for him at that particular time.  I had to digest it a little more and grasp his whole concept and figure out a way to encourage him on how to do this life changing venture. I come up with some great stuff…I am ready to come at him in a good way to help him make his transition and take life by the horns...I see him…I walk right up to him and BAM!!! He hits me with it first.  He says “I got it!” I said “got what?” (I wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing)  He says “How I am going to do my thing”.  He said it all in one sentence.  He says “Matt, my wife told me she believed in me and that the Lord would provide for us!”  It was spot on!  I said “WOW” that’s all you need man!”  He’s like “yeah once she told me that I was fine.  All my anxiety, nervousness was gone.” 

So…this dude quits his job!  That’s right….this guy with a wife, 2 kids, a house, bills and everything else… quits!  He does it!  I mean this guy does what probably 90% of us would love to do but we don’t have the passion or guts or support we need to make “it” happen.

This guy starts a Non-profit business.  You know why?!?  Because he was led to do it.  He has this passion to spread the word about saving your life because he cares that much about YOU!  It’s not about him…it’s about YOU!  He is not looking to make a buck off of anyone.  All he wants you to do is take maybe an hour out of your busy life and go get scanned for skin cancer!  It takes 5 minutes to have your body checked for melanoma (skin cancer).  Now he will tell you that all of this was started because his brother was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma.  However, if you listen to Kevin Rine…his brother is just a small part of why Kevin started sKeven.  Sure his brother was the focal point of making the passion a reality but if you listen to Kevin now… after doing a couple of events to spread the word about skin cancer…Kevin realizes that it  is God’s hand that is doing all of this.

Thanks Kevin for listening to HIM! (and your wife too! J)  Thanks for encouraging us all and being an inspiration to do what WE should be passionate about…keep the faith my brother and keep impacting people with our passion for THEM!  Good luck and God Bless!  Much love.....Matt