mark and i

What a journey this has been and it all started with a t-shirt to support my brother during his battle with melanoma. Over the last 2 years we have seen many changes, from raising awareness about melanoma on a t-shirt, to offering free skin exams at community events, we have tried to make a difference in people’s lives. Mark has gone thru several rounds of chemo and his strength is contagious as he continues to battle cancer. Early on in this journey, Mark was doing research on cancer, specifically, cancer in the fire service; he quickly found out that the cancer he was diagnosed with was caused by his work as a firefighter. Don’t get me wrong, Mark loved being a firefighter and he would do anything to go back to that life, but he quickly found out that God had another plan for him. That’s when Mark started traveling all over Ohio with the training on Firefighters and Cancer. We want to give firefighters the resources and information to live long, healthy careers, and more importantly, time with family. We’re just getting started.