Honestly, I didn't know what to expect with the Brotherhood Bash. No one did for that matter. First year events always have the unknown factor. One word would describe the event for me, support. The brotherhood within the fire service is unlike any other, it's truly family. That's why I love them. When a brother (or sister) falls down, there's 10 brothers to pick them up.....without question.

Nearly $1,000 was raised for the #HELPMARK Campaign. Please take the time to visit our campaign page and make a $5 donation, every bit helps! #HELPMARK


I would like to thank the following organizations for coming together and supporting our cause at the Brotherhood Bash.

Central Ohio FOOLS

Northern Ohio FOOLS

Queen City FOOLS

Mohican Valley FOOLS

Mahoning Valley FOOLS

Callahan's Bar

The Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)

First In-Last Out Fire Equipment LLC

Ohio Fire and EMS Expo

The Jimmy Warner Band